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Auga and Katalysen have together incorporated Fleet St. Technologies AB (”FleetStreet”)


FleetStreet is a software company developing an exclusive digital community and platform for investors, companies and their shareholders, VenturePort. The platform will enable companies and their stakeholders to communicate efficiently, keep track of ownership, handle digital securities and allow companies to securely store and distribute investor material.


”Katalysen has for the last 12 months been looking for the right partner and setup for developing such a platform and we were very lucky finding this great tech company, Auga Solutions, in Vaasa, Finland” - says Peter Almberg CEO Katalysen.

Both Auga Solutions and Katalysen bring expertise, technology and know-how to Fleet Street. Additionally, Katalysen provides the funding for the development of the platform.

”Katalysen will use VenturePort to digitise and enhance its own business model. This will lead to the creation of additional high-value services for our existing and future portfolio companies. It will also add new functions and generate data for shareholders and selected investors. As a result, Katalysen can accelerate and become an even better Venture Partner.” - Peter Almberg

”Auga Solutions are excited to use our technology to power VenturePort and help improve company – stakeholder relationships. This is another great use case for our technology” - Marcus Wikars




Auga Solutions is a full-service development house. Auga offers a complete suite of services comprising everything from project management, UX design to development and operational support.

Katalysen & Partners is a Venture Partner based in Sweden and Switzerland with a portfolio of 17 ventures.

FleetStreet is a joint venture of Auga Solutions and Katalysen, whereby Auga provides the technology for the platform called VenturePort. Katalysen is their first client and will offer it for its portfolio companies and their stakeholders. A service like VenturePort can be attractive for potential future clients like stock exchanges, angel investor groups, VC/PE firms, M&A Boutiques, family offices, funding platforms etc.

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